For 10 years in the precious metals sector

Oro Italia Investimenti

Cenci luxury gift is a trademark of oro italia investimenti, one of the main operators in the refining, trading and sale of precious metals, ingots and investment gold coins. For 10 years on the market, the company has promoted responsible, ethical, social and environmental standards and practice in respect of human rights throughout the supply chain that fuels the jewellery sector.

Certificate of Murano

Certifies that the glass flask has been hand-blown by Murano's finest master glassmakers

Certificate of Oro Italia Investimenti

Guarantees the contents of the flask - a seal is affixed to the item stating the purity and weight of the precious metal inside. This certificate also guarantees ownership of the flask. When purchasing the item, the name of the recipient will be requested so that the certificate can be made out in their name.

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